Heads Message

The Greatest Happiness is to transform I I our feelings into action

We are the heads of Thaai School, feel proud and happy to be in this beautiful institute. We write here to highlight the few best practices we deliver at Thaai School.

Considering the scholastic and Co scholastic areas and activities, we plan to design the 'Academic Calendar" at the beginning of every academic year.

We develop the academic and assessment schedule.

We follow the assessment formats and specify the activities for each formative assessment as per the CCE guidelines.

Every year workshops and orientation programmes are organized for teachers, students and parents on scholastic and co scholastic areas like Value Based Education & Assessment, Need for Life Skills, HOTS, OTBA etc.

Our Principal takes in charge for regular guiding and maintenance of teachers, records like Semester Plan, Lesson Plan, CCE file and Remedial Measures Taken file.

Our Head teachers conduct scholastic and co scholastic meetings on weekends to discuss about latest CBSE circulars and about the preparation and collection of Formative Assessment evidences.

Our Principal, Head teachers and teachers guided and helped every child move from one level of performance to next higher level of performance by regular monitoring, analyzing and providing follow up in classroom.

We also identified the learning deficiencies in students and undertake regular remedial measures.

Our school "Reading Books Programme". inculcated the habit of reading by regular use of class and school library.

Providing digital classroom and including ICT in scholastic area helped children to understand and learn each subject in details.

Every year children arc encouraged in Class Bulletin Board practice and in the publication of class and school magazine.

Forming Students Council, facilitating sports,yoga and meditation which grew good character, healthy competition and physical fitness in children.

Field trips to orphanage homes, old age homes, community service, enacting plays on social issues and causes, conducting heritage walks provided exposure to know and understand about surroundings and them.

Before keeping our pen down, we express our gratitude towards the enlightening and enabling visions of our school Management. Principal, the unitiring teachers, the kind staff and student aspirants who put trust in our ability to lead and produce results.

Heads of Thaai School