Correspondent Message

"To Motivate The Weak

to Address The Average

and Challenge the gifted"

Another beautiful year of learning and yet another beautiful performance by our talented, budding superstars. A big congratulation to all the staff for helping our children put up an amazing performance…It was overwhelming to see all the smiling children perform with passion and zeal…

This is to appreciate their efforts throughout the session to make these young kids develop a sense of confidence and the zest to do their daily chores on their own. They have built in significant values, surrounded by love and care. I sincerely admire all staff for their commendable work and dedication.

Celebrations and competitions are the platform for the kids to showcase their learning. They also helped our kids to overcome their stage fright. There was ample focus on academics across the board. Our teaching staff have made leaps and bounds academically and socially.

Our team is here to showcase everything from DIY (DO IT YOURSELF) learning, digital literacy, articles on creativity, critical thinking, game-based learning and more —without the dense academic jargon that often weighs it down. Opportunities provided at the campus make our kids to become team players, innovators and task managers.

My experiences with our staff have been very positive. Our non-teaching staff established a nice sense of community amongst the parents and teachers.

Kudos to our team for the necessary support throughout the academic session.

Janagalakshmi Srinivasan

Correspondent of Thaai group of Institutions