Chairman Message

Children are the priority...

Change is the reality...

Collaboration is the strategy...

It is a significant year for us at Thaai Education. While we are stepping into the 3rd decade in our noble venture in education, I am delighted to see that our CBSE stream has completed its 9th year in service. Thanks to all the Staffs, Parents and our students for this enormous support which makes me humble before you. Yet another year of strong performance and valuable contribution to this year book by all. I like to congratulate all students and thank the staffs for their valuable contribution to this year book.

Education is the basis of all progress and at THAAI, we strongly believe in bringing in the best in education, be it the highly qualified staffs that we could attract or the world class infrastructure that we have built and enduring to expand on. We strongly believe and are committed to provide such a high-quality education at an affordable cost to the rural households and the society that we cater to.

There is no better way to pay back to the society than providing the most desired and important infrastructure in the form of modern education. We are always thinking aloud on this. During the course of this year we have launched a full time cafeteria providing healthy meal at affordable cost which I trust is helpful for the parents as well the kids. More infrastructure improvements on the sports front as well academic front are planned for the next academic year. Two key concepts on the academic front being “The Centre of Excellence” intended to integrate NEET IIT-JEE coaching into the school curriculum as well “Get Academic Fit” for late boomers will become a valuable component of our offering.

Once again I congratulate our students and staffs in coming up with yet another year of great contribution to this year book.

Gandhi S.V

Chairman of Thaai Group of Institutions